Craftsmanship is the cornerstone of DITA's reputation for quality and innovation - that is why our relationship with some of the world's most highly regarded artisans have lasted not years, but decades. In an era of mass production and automation, we are committed to preserving an artistic legacy.

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Dita Dtx410/A/01 Hakatron

Color : Yellow Gold_ Black W

$837.14 incl tax

Dita Dtx146/A/02 Grand/Evo Rx

Color : White Gold_White W/Clear

$734.83 incl tax

Dita Dts403/A/01 Lxn/Evo

Color : Matte Black_Yellow Gold

$837.14 incl tax

Dita Dts403/A/03 Lxn/Evo

Color : Blue Swirl_Yellow Gold

$837.14 incl tax

Dita Drx/2086/A/T/Blk/54

Color : Sequoia//Matte Blk

$399.97 incl tax

Dita Drx/2030B/59 Mach One

Color : Shiny 18K Gold_Black

$651.11 incl tax

Dita Dts412/A/01 Mach/S

Color : Yelloy Gold Matte

$627.86 incl tax

Dita Dtx408/A/01 Amorly

Color : Black_Yellow Gold

$544.15 incl tax

Dita Dtx513/50/01/Z Showgoer

Color : Black_Yellow Gold

$502.29 incl tax

Dita Dtx700/A/01/Z Wasserman

Color : Black_Yellow Gold

$502.29 incl tax

Dita Dtx702/A/01/Z Lineus+Clip On

Color : Black_White Gold W/Clear

$665.07 incl tax

Dita Dts710/A/01 Luzpa

Color : Black

$399.97 incl tax

Dita Dts121/62/05 Mach/Six

Color : Black Rhodium_Yellow Gold

$837.14 incl tax

Dita Dts412/A/03 Mach/S

Color : Rose Gold_Matte Blk

$627.86 incl tax

Dita Dts407/A/01 Grandmaster/Seven

Color : Black _ Yellow Gold

$669.71 incl tax

Dita Drx/2010/M/Blk/Gld/60 Midnight

Color : Yellow Gold_Matte Black

$567.40 incl tax

Dita Dts708/A/03/A Telehacker

Color : Crystal Clear_Yellow Gold

$399.97 incl tax

Dita Dtx145/A/01 Sincetta

Color : Yellow Gld

$399.97 incl tax

Dita Dts406/A/01 Micro

Color : Blk_Yellow Gld

$651.11 incl tax

Dita Dts404/A/03 Alican

Color : Clr Gld Amber

$627.86 incl tax

Dita Dts404/A/01 Alican

Color : Blk

$627.86 incl tax

Dita Dtx523/50/02 Cerebal

Color : Rose Gold

$372.07 incl tax

Dita Dts127/56/02

Color : Dark Brown Swirl/ Crystal

$734.83 incl tax
Min: $372.00 Max: $838.00
$372 $838