Claire Goldsmith

Claire Goldsmith is the great-granddaughter of Oliver Goldsmith, one of the most influential designers and creators of modern day eyewear.Oliver Goldsmith is a British eyewear design company established in London in 1926 by Phillip Oliver Goldsmith. Under the directorship of his son Charles "Oliver" Goldsmith, grandsons Andrew Oliver and Raymond, and great-granddaughter Claire Goldsmith, the brand became known worldwide for its innovative designs for glasses and sunglasses worn by celebrities such as Diana Dors and Audrey Hepburn. Hepburn's famous sunglasses in Breakfast in Tiffany's were an Oliver Goldsmith design. The sunglasses side of the brand ceased producing in 1985 but was re-launched in 2005 after a 20-year hiatus. The spectacle side has remained in production throughout, without interruption.