Craftsmanship is the cornerstone of DITA's reputation for quality and innovation - that is why our relationship with some of the world's most highly regarded artisans have lasted not years, but decades. In an era of mass production and automation, we are committed to preserving an artistic legacy.

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Dita Dtx702/A/02

Color : Tortoise

$526.08 IVA inclusa

Dita Dts701/A/01

Color : Black/Gold

$501.03 IVA inclusa

Dita Dtx523/50/02 Cerebal

Color : Rose Gold

$400.82 IVA inclusa

Dita Dtx106/55/02 Schema One

Color : Black Iron_Gold

$701.43 IVA inclusa

Dita Dtx523/50/04 Cerebal

Color : Yellow Gold

$400.82 IVA inclusa

Dita Dtx702/A/01/Z

Color : Black_White Gold W/Clear

$526.08 IVA inclusa

Dita 7806/B/Blk/Gld/52 Flight.006

Color : Blk_Gld

$475.97 IVA inclusa

Dita Dtx101/51/03 Polymath

Color : Crystal Grey_Crystal

$576.18 IVA inclusa

Dita Dts127/56/02

Color : Dark Brown Swirl/ Crystal

$801.64 IVA inclusa

Dita Dts522/56/03

Color : Gold-Bvlack Palladium

$601.23 IVA inclusa

Dita Drx/2073/F/Blk/Slv/47 + Clip

Color : Blk-Slv

$450.92 IVA inclusa
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$400 $802