Designer Andreas Licht draws on a long line of traditional craftsmanship. With a wealth of experience in bespoke joinery, he produces refined and elaborate frames that are nevertheless easy to handle and which unite contemporary trends with timeless and unrivalled quality and style. Each of the frames and its parts, together with its case are made in the small HERRLICHT workshop in Germany. Here every frame goes through Andreas Licht’s hands multiple times during the complex manufacturing process. Customers will own something really special and unique. Each model is limited to only 99 sets of glasses to ensure this.

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Herrlicht Hl31/Ea#Asian Fit

Color : Fumed Oak_Maple

$1,283.96 IVA inclusa

Herrlicht Hl29/Ea

Color : Fumed Oak/Maple

$1,283.96 IVA inclusa

Herrlicht Hl26/Wa

Color : 004 Walnut/Maple

$1,100.54 IVA inclusa

Herrlicht Hl25/K

Color : Cherry

$1,100.54 IVA inclusa

Herrlicht Hl20W

Color : Walnut

$1,100.54 IVA inclusa
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Min: $1,100.00 Max: $1,284.00
$1100 $1284