Ic! Berlin

As a brand that carries Berlin not only in its name – but has the city deeply ingrained in its DNA – the story of ic! berlin is the story of Berlin.Handcrafted eyewear, that is less about showing style, but more about expressing your attitude.

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Ic! Berlin Ellnern O.

Color : Black_Deep_Forest

$399.61 IVA inclusa

Ic! Berlin Grogu

Color : Rogochi Pop Chilli Rose

$390.74 IVA inclusa

Ic! Berlin Grogu

Color : Boulder_Teak Pop

$390.74 IVA inclusa

Ic! Berlin Nufenen Medium

Color : Graphite: Clear

$372.97 IVA inclusa

Ic! Berlin Chika

Color : Argento

$137.65 IVA inclusa
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