Simple and lean beautifulness. A sense of unity as an object. In order to purse the beauty as a product to the utmost limit, all aspects of the design from the clearance between components to the thickness of metal plating are calculated carefully and constructed with sub-millimetre accuracy. The design of KameManNen has won the hearts of people all over the world with aesthetic that stays unaffected from the fast-paced fashion trends. In 2013, the design was nominated for the SILMO d'Or Awards, a prestigious award that is described as the Academy Award for the eyewear world.

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Kamemannen Kmn 99

Color : Ag

$527.36 IVA inclusa

Kamemannen Kmn 182

Color : Hav/Ag

$413.42 IVA inclusa

Kamemannen Kmn 6147

Color : Bk

$376.31 IVA inclusa

Kamemannen Kmn 142

Color : Hav

$394.86 IVA inclusa

Kamemannen Kmn 140

Color : Hav

$394.86 IVA inclusa

Kamemannen Kmn 113

Color : Ts

$514.12 IVA inclusa
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