24 years ago, Mel Rapp opened a tiny dispensary at the back of his mother’s hat shop. What seemed like a crazy idea at the time has grown into one of the most unique and avant-garde optical shops in the world.

 Combining old-fashion work ethics and modern technology, with an irrepressible sense of fun, Rapp Optical is an eclectic institution in the city of Toronto. Rapp Optical is a continuously evolving and beautiful work-in-progress.



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Rapp Eyewear Sterling

Color : 150 Old Gold Grad

$694.13 IVA inclusa

Rapp Eyewear Reed

Color : 170 Cyber Blue

$698.58 IVA inclusa

Rapp Eyewear Henry Ti

Color : 041 Crystal Tea

$678.12 IVA inclusa
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$678 $699